About Me

Hey there! My name is Jet Saini and I grew up in rainy Seattle. I loved it, but let me tell you that an entire childhood of rainy days really makes you appreciate the sun.

So today, I call sunny Austin my home. I moved there sort of on a whim, but I had the power to settle wherever I wanted to because of one thing:

Jet Saini of Drip Digital

Multiple streams of income.

Drip Digital Affiliate Earnings

I’m not going to lie, it took a while to figure things out. If you’ve ever hoped to get multiple channels of financial wealth flowing in, you’ll know how overwhelming it can get.

Believe me — I was right there with you.

But instead of trying to do everything at once, I decided to get just one plate up in the air and spinning before I started adding and juggling a few other plates.

Using industry-insider methods, in-depth, expert-led courses, and tons of support from a thriving community of like-minded internet marketers, I made my first dollar online in 2015.

Instantly, I was hooked.

Since then, I've gone on to:

  • Build a successful 6-figure publishing business
  • Earn hundreds of thousands of dollars using strategic and focused affiliate marketing techniques
  • Build and buy multiple websites that consistently and reliably generate passive income each month

Everyone has their own way of hitting success, but, for me, success is not about making some crazy gamble. It’s about leveraging the assets you have today to build profits tomorrow.

And that’s why I kept my day-job.

Yep, you heard that right.

You may not meet another person with my results, doing what I’m doing, and still claiming to have time for a 9-to-5. But having a 9-to-5 is exactly what helped me find success in a short amount of time.

Why? Because I had nothing to fear.

Fact: This only works if you’re honest, self-aware, and up-front with yourself about your needs as an entrepreneur.

I just wanted to enjoy the journey, make bank, and diversify risk.

And on my blog, I share the exact techniques that help you do the same.

If you’re curious to learn about the ONE decision I made that put the rubber to the road, though, read on. 

How I Managed Multiple Profitable
Side-Hustles With a 9-to-5

Everything I’ve ever started, grown, and scaled, began as a side hustle in my evenings and weekends.

While I juggled my full-time job in corporate marketing (which I actually love) as the day gig, I came home to implement those exact strategies for multi-million dollar companies on my own businesses.

An entrepreneur who still has a job? Shocking, I know.

Here’s how I saw it:

Quitting the “9-to-5” really limits your cash flow and increases your risk. And one of the biggest reasons I’m able to be successful in just about any business I take on is having the safety net and security from my day job.

It’s not just about having cash reserves to pull from — for me, building a business is about cultivating a mindset of mobility.

Do you agree?

It’s a great feeling knowing I can quit my job at any time and be just fine. Meanwhile, the extra income is a significant advantage because it allows me to invest even more in income-producing assets.

Now, I don’t consider myself to be a marketing guru — just someone who is a few steps ahead. And one of the reasons I’m a few steps ahead on my journey to multiple streams of income is a 30-Day training I accidentally stumbled upon.

It cost me exactly $100 to sign up. It asked for 2 hours of time, every single day, for the next 30 days.

But, at the end, I gained valuable strategies that the most successful people in digital marketing and internet entrepreneurship were already using. And all I had to do was implement these techniques and literally duplicate profitable results in any niche.

How I Set Myself a Challenge to Level Up
My Income — and How You Can Too!

The problem with challenges that you set yourself is zero accountability. It’s hard enough to start, let alone keep going.

So I decided to take the OFA challenge after I read about the results a few other business owners achieved in 30 days.

And, honestly, it took me 5 years of working to accumulate the knowledge I had. Then I took the 30-Day OFA Challenge and realized how much time and sweat equity I could have saved.

As one of the few proven ways to quickly cut your learning curve, I used this training as a serious bootcamp that’s insanely affordable.

Compared to the tens of thousands of dollars marketing “gurus” and “coaches” charge you for their “Accelerator,” I put my faith in myself to show up and use this program that delivered accountability, coaching, and daily missions.

And if this sounds like something you can benefit from, I know you won’t regret a $100 dollar investment in your own success. If you use my affiliate link, I will make a small percent of profit that goes towards admin and hosting costs for this website.

In any case, I invite you to learn more about the OFA Challenge — and a whole range of actionable, results-based marketing techniques — available to you on my blog.

I speak from trial and error, revealing to you the current strategies other marketers simply don’t want to share. I’ll break down the exact techniques and software tools I used to build and scale multiple streams of income.


Let’s do this!