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Everything You Wanted to Know About Dean Graziosi: Net Worth Exposed!

Now, this is a story all about how,
Dean flipped his life and turned it around.
And I’d like to take a moment,
Just sit right there,
I’ll tell you how Dean Graziosi became a millionaire.
              — Beat stolen from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Actually, Dean Graziosi is closer to being a multi-multi-millionaire.

With his signature rimless glasses and casual crew-neck t-shirts, you could easily mistake the guy for a teacher.

Hint: He is a teacher. But not in the way you think.

Or maybe a whiz-kid who coded some successful app.

Fact: The guy is dyslexic.

Okay, so then maybe he’s the son of some real estate developer or tycoon or something.

Truth: He dropped out of high school, lived in a bathroom with his dad, and worked from 5 a.m. in the morning to 12 a.m. at night fixing cars in a greasy garage.

So how does a small guy, with basically nothing to his name, from the unassuming ‘burbs of Marlboro, New York become an international real estate mogul?

Well, I’d like to take a moment
Just sit right there,
I’ll tell you how someone like that becomes a millionaire.

Dean Graziosi — From Living in a Bathroom to Being a Real Estate Multi-Millionaire

When you break down any “rags-to-riches” story, people always try to trace the first pieces of evidence that foretell those future successes.

But believe me when I say that Dean had pretty much everything in life stacked against him.

  • His family broke up when he was very young, with both parents divorced and remarried multiple times in his childhood (his dad held the record at nine times)
  • He lived with his mother and grandmother, until the age of 13, which is when he went to live with his father, Paul Graziosi
  • Paul had some major anger management issues and Dean recalls being constantly afraid of his dad blowing up over some small thing or the other
  • After his very last marriage, Paul tapped out of their family auto mechanic and garage shop and ceased taking on responsibility to run it. It was up to Dean, then only 17 years old, to make that shop run.
  • He worked from early in the morning to nearly midnight fixing cars and painting them. The fumes would give him headaches and make his eyes water.
  • At one point, debt got so bad (and Dean was trying to save money so he could spend them on his “flipping” businesses), that he lived in a trailer, with his dad, which was so small, that the kitchen, sleeping area, and bathroom were all one place. He basically slept in the bathroom.

Today, Dean Graziosi is a world-famous entrepreneur, speaker, author, real estate trainer, investor, and father.

He lives a life that most would envy, flying private jets and frequently “getting away” on masterminds at sprawling private resorts with his millionaire buddies.

What’s even more compelling is that his life and work have positively impacted hundreds of thousands of other people who use his trainings to make money in a variety of niches — niches that Dean himself has gained mastery in.

And that’s the thing about this guy — you can’t help but feel the humility, earnestness, and sincerity just roll off him. He clearly knows the secret formula to success and purpose in life:

Give it all away.

Dean speaks with a lot of passion about how a little guy from a Marlboro high school today runs several million-dollar businesses and is still there in time to coach his kids’ softball teams (all thanks to a swanky private jet, guys).

But it’s not to boast. It’s to encourage you to “think a little different” (the title of one of his books) and push your envelope of possibility.

Combine that with some elbow grease and an ethic of hard work and any kind of success is basically just a function of time. 

How Old is Dean Graziosi?

Dean is 52 years old as of 2020. He was born on November 20, 1968 in Marlboro, New York.

His age is rather shocking, though, when you consider everything he’s been through. He looks at least a decade younger, though, and Dean always credits his health and fitness regimen to feeling even better 52 than at 20. 

Is Dean Graziosi Married?

He was married to his first wife, Jonelle Ward, for well over a decade. They have two kids together, a daughter named Breana Graziosi, born in 2006, and a son named Brody Graziosi, born in 2008.

As the children were growing up, Dean confesses that he and his ex-wife were growing apart in their relationship. Part of it was his real estate career. But the underlying reason was that both he and his wife simply didn’t feel a lot of passion for each other.

Of course, going through a childhood of chronic parental divorce made Dean very wary about even thinking about the “D” word so they remained a family and “stayed for the kids.”

Once it became unbearable, however, Dean and his ex-wife separated and eventually divorced. They decided they would always remain friends and co-parent together for their children.

At first, Dean felt like a failure for not being able to “make of a go” of his marriage.

However, he soon met Lisa Palacios, a make-up artist and entrepreneur in her own right. The two married on the 12th of March, 2019 in Cabo and, in 2020, they had a son named Luca Graziosi. They live in Phoenix, Arizona. 

dean graziosi wife

How Did Dean Graziosi Make His Money?

Dean Graziosi has an almost unbelievable story — except when you hear about how hard this now real estate millionaire worked to get where he is today.

The Graziosi net worth is made up of multiple streams of income (smart man!), which he built one at a time. You may know him today as a real estate investor, but Dean’s eye for real estate deals and real estate investing really started off with something much closer to home:


Flipping Cars

When Dean Graziosi’s father’s left his him garage, the 20-something was hit with an idea:

Why not purchase, repair, and resell old cars?

It was labor-intensive and time-consuming, but it gave Dean two things that would help build the Graziosi net worth:

  • Discipline — and the chance to appear in infomercials selling his system for flipping cars called “Motor Millions”
  • Capital for real estate 

Mastering the Real Estate Market

While he was flipping cars in Marlboro, New York, Dean Graziosi figured, “Hey, why not square away this extra cash into one or two properties?” He was so successful that he wrote books that became instant New York Times Best Sellers:

  • His first book, Totally Fulfilled, in 2006 (Vanguard Press)
  • Be a Real Estate Millionaire in 2007, another best selling book that made him a known real estate educator
  • Profit From Real Estate Right Now in 2009 (also featured by USA Today)

Dean Graziosi’s net worth is largely due to his profit from real estate, but he also built the success habits that would prioritize financial wealth.

When his parents divorced, he always felt victim to their decisions — and these were usually bad ones.

But when he could make his own money, Dean was the one in charge of his own life. For Dean Graziosi, his net worth is tied into the idea of control over his own destiny.

Breaking into the “Knowledge” Industry

Look, Dean Graziosi has been selling “courses” and knowledge since before online courses were a “thing.” Those late night infomercials were all about how to make money from real estate the “Dean Graziosi Way.”

One of his techniques, for example, is Wholesaling, which he calls the “Art of the No Money Down Deal.” It’s actually quite ingenious. 

the real estate profit system

So breaking into the “knowledge” industry for Dean’s brand was just a lateral move. He changed platforms, moving online instead, but the message remains the same.

Recently, his collaboration with Tony Robbins in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is all about how people can make money selling their knowledge. Yes, it’s a course about courses — but also about being an infopreneur in general. 

Dean’s Exclusive Masterminds and Coaching

As Dean has grown his brand and business income streams, he has begun to diversify his methods of impact through high-ticket masterminds and one-on-one coaching. His message, though, remains the same:

Develop the right mindset first.

Millionaire Success Habits reviews attest to that fact.

To this end, he also hosts:

  • The Growth Summit Event
  • Real Millionaire Monthly Online Course
  • The Dean Graziosi Podcast

What is Dean Graziosi’s Net Worth Currently?

So what do you think this all adds up to?


Lots of profit from real businesses that are still running, somewhat “on auto,” to this day.

In 2020, Dean Graziosi’s net worth grew from last year’s $43 million dollars to an estimated $45 million dollars. 

Final Thoughts: Is Dean Graziosi a Scam?

People who wonder if Dean Graziosi is a “scam” or not make me scratch my head. We’re not online dating, right? How can a real person be a “scam?”

But I get it.

There’s a too-good-to-be-true, “buy my shiny solution” danger in the digital marketing community. It’s few and far in between — because most people care about their reputation — but it’s worth calling out.

When you realize that Dean struggled with the fallout from his parents’ divorce for years, that he’s been through real poverty for even longer, and, at the height of his success, he got hit with a lawsuit that threatened to take everything from him, you’ll understand a simple but profound truth.

There is no such thing as overnight success.