Funnel Scripts Review: Is it Really Worth the Hype?

When legendary copywriter Gary Halbert wrote his son from prison, the result was 148 pages of sales letters.

Known as the Boron Letters, Halbert’s advice to his son for 10xing his copywriting was low-cost, sure, but high-effort.

To become a world-class copywriter, Halbert didn’t suggest that his son take courses, attend a seminar, or buy more books.

Instead, the famed and infamous copywriting bigwig advised his son that the only way to become “The Best Copywriter Of All Time” was to travel off the beaten path.

Review of: Funnel Scripts


Summary: With Funnel Scripts, you can rely on software to pre-write and completely customize your copy. The addition of 6 bonuses + coaching make this offer a no-brainer for anyone looking to improve their copywriting.

To become a good writer, Halbert believed you needed to write well.

So you want to know what his recommendation was?

Gary Halbert advised his son to spend time, every single day, copying out his best ads by hand.

Today, Bond Halbert is a marketing genius in his own right, author of several marketing and copywriting strategy books. In other words, he’s got real chops to back up his expertise.

But is copying sales letters by hand the only way to get that good?

I found a better method. And it actually comes with live training designed to make you better at copy — and continue scaling you up.

If you feel you’re banging your head against a wall trying to get your funnel copy on point, this one’s for you.

This Funnel Scripts review is going to:

  • Teach you why you need to get real good, real fast, at funnel scripts and copywriting, especially if you plan to convert prospects into leads and leads into sales
  • Demonstrate how to merge storytelling and sales in an automated way, across a variety of content types like video sales scripts, sales pages, email sequences, and social media ad copy
  • Show you exactly how to combine the power of an automated copywriting software together with training on classic copy strategies, like the star story solution to amplify your message and convert like crazy

Before we get into the big payoff that Funnel Scripts provides, let’s answer the most common question entrepreneurs have when hearing about this tool:

What is Funnel Scripts?

What is a Funnel Script?

To understand what Funnel Scripts is and why it’s so revolutionary for your product or service, you’ll need to take a look at why copy matters so much.

Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Experts agree: It’s getting harder and harder to write convincing copy.

And that’s unfortunate because compelling funnel scripts and copy are your online salesperson. Without it, you’re failing to convert leads into prospects.

If copy is doing its job and selling, though, then you’ve got the ideal situation on your hand:

Leads > Sales, Sales > Repeat customers, and Repeat sales > Referrals.

It takes years to perfect your copywriting skills — I mean, Matthew Weiner created seven seasons about a copywriting ad agency.

(I get it, we all wish we could drink like Don Draper though.)

Now, not only does copywriting hold the heavy burden of convincing your prospects to take action, it also needs to be constantly updated and tested.

And what works on one demographic of audience may not work on another.

As a copywriter, it’s your job to make sure that your offer and your language resonate. Your prospect needs to read about the benefits of your product and be able to imagine themselves using it.

(They should be shouting something like a “Heck yeah, that’s me!”)

And if you use a funnel builder for your online business, you’ll need to make sure that your funnel scripts and sales letter scripts move your prospect from hook, story, offer, and upsells.

But it's your story scripts that are doing the persuading and selling. If these words fail to connect with your prospects on an emotional level, they could easily drop off.

And they will.

But in the hands of powerfully persuasive (and expensive) copywriters, these funnel scripts are an opportunity to convert customers with greater impact through the funnel journey.

That’s what well-designed, cohesive, and consistent funnel scripts should be doing for your sales funnels. Of course, startups and business owners like you are racing against the clock.

Fact: You can’t afford to waste two months writing, testing, implementing, analyzing, and perfecting your sales copy.

The writing process alone often results in overwhelm, frustration, poor conversions, and money wasted on lead capture that you’ll never see again.

So let’s take a closer look at the bells and whistles of a piece of software, Funnel Scripts. It claims to completely automate the way you generate and write scripts funnel businesses uses.

Not only does it give you the theory and training behind ad scripts, it does the job for you. The Funnel Scripts software pumps out content like video scripts that are perfectly attuned to your target market.

And, yes, it does come with a money back guarantee, so you can test drive the functionality.

So say goodbye to your expensive copywriter. Oh, and there’s no need to follow Daddy Halbert’s training advice either (unless you really want to).

Funnel Scripts Overview

Did someone tell you that people make logical decisions?

Someone lied.

Fact: People like to think they make logical decisions when it comes to making purchases.

But the truth is that people are emotional creatures — and the power of foolproof copy is being able to pull all the delicate levers and controls that move your prospect’s emotions in favor of buying.

To be clear, writing great copy is not about convincing everyone to take advantage of your special offer. That’s called being scammy.

Instead, it’s about getting the right people aligned with the right product or service that will serve their needs. Funnel Scripts simply automates this.

If you’ve ever taken a stab at trying to convince someone through writing, though, you’ll realize how hard and, frankly, tedious it can be.

You can’t physically gesture, shout, wave your hands, use your tone of voice, or your physical presence to draw them in.

All you have is words.

Funnel Scripts is the software that makes sure that every word of your funnel scripts counts.

With Funnel Scripts, you can rely on software to pre-write and completely customize your

  • headlines
  • sales letters
  • video scripts
  • webinar scripts
  • landing page copy
  • social media ad copies

Basically, Funnel Scripts helps you write copy more consistently by writing copy for you.

How Does the Funnel Scripts Software Work?

Russell Brunson and team developed Funnel Scripts for the total copywriting beginner. It’s a web based interface that takes the details of your sales offer and transforms it into highly targeted and customized copy.

However, the scripts and copy Funnel Scripts generates are powerful enough to help you learn about the basic nuts and bolts of copywriting. Basically, you get an in-depth view into proven copy.

It’s like a swipe file but way more detailed.

See, there’s a formula to writing conversion copy for goals like lead capture, or creating a convincing video sales letter.

Even small and seemingly inconsequential details like email subject lines can be the difference between making a sale or being left unread and unopened.

You could spend years learning and perfecting these letter scripts. Or you could use the training videos featured in Funnel Scripts to reverse-engineer your own.

So when you’re ready to tweak the sales copy that Funnel Scripts generates, you can do so without paying extra money for an “expert.”

Here’s how Funnel Scripts works:

  • Choose the type of script you’d like to generate (I’ll show you later in this Funnel Scripts review just how much variety you have at your fingertips)
  • Insert the details into the form provided in the Funnel Script interface. This could be information about your audience, your keyword topic, the results you want your audience to achieve, any pain points, roadblocks, and more
  • Hit the “Build” button
  • Funnels Scripts software generates a range of suggestions that you can pick the copy that will engage with your audience the best
  • You can also tweak and edit the copy Funnel Scripts generates


That’s literally all you do.

If you don’t want to self-edit, don’t!

Warning: using Funnel Scripts and the included LIVE copy coaching, will help you become a pro about copywriting fundamentals.

Can You Try Funnel Scripts for Free?

This Funnel Scripts review wouldn’t be much use if you couldn’t try out the Funnel Scripts software for free before committing.

It may even sound too good to be true, so I can understand if you need to wrap your head around just how “automated” Funnel Scripts really is.

The good news is that there is a free trial for Funnel Scripts.

The clincher, however, is that you’ll only be able to test out one kind of funnelscripts copy.

But going through the form is the exact same process as the full Funnel Scripts software. You’ll be able to decide whether you’d like to keep the generated headlines or edit the copy.

free headline generator

Like a copy-genie in a software-bottle, this mini Funnel Scripts generator asks you for core details to customize your copy. For example, the first field of “Niche Audience” is an important differentiator.

Think about it — you wouldn’t speak to a car enthusiast about your offer using the same language that you would an aspiring fitness buff. In fact, your offer wouldn’t even be the same!

It’s these sorts of key details that are so important to crafting and tailoring a message that converts.

Of course, you can use Funnel Scripts’ Headline Generator for more than just your funnels. If you create other content, like guests posts or Facebook ads, you’ll still need killer headlines to draw your audience in. 

Funnel Scripts Unboxing Review:
All the Features, None of the Fuss

Your one time purchase of Funnel Scripts arms you with an automated way to create sales copy across content types.

However, it also gives you training videos that boost your copywriting knowledge.

Let me be honest here.

Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, affiliate marketer, or any other kind of digital entrepreneur, there is nothing more terrifying than staring at a blank page.

The sheer amount of pressure you feel to put words on the page is one thing. But to actually try and put down words that:

  • Build engagement
  • Nurture a relationship with your audience
  • Blow your competitors out of the water
  • Get people to take action
  • Change someone’s life with an offer or an idea beyond daunting.

Even professional copywriters and script writers who have been at their craft for years will tell you that the road from blank screen to killer copy is a fresh challenge every time.

That’s just one of the reasons why Funnels Scripts is so powerful.

Funnel Scripts eliminates the notorious Blank Page Syndrome.

Funnel Scripts’ generators and downloadable wizards give you a starting point that’s already three-quarters of the way up the mountain. All you have to do is tweak what you’d like.

Using Funnel Scripts, you have a firm base from where to start with high-converting copy. 

funnel scripts training

Now, in this Funnel Scripts review, I want to take you as deep into the Funnel Scripts software as I can.

I want to draw your attention to the sheer number of features that sit at your fingertips the moment you get past the Funnel Scripts login page and onto the dashboard. 

  • Ongoing, easy-to-access, letter scripts training (monthly training replays and video lessons)
  • A downloadable wizard, easy when you need to generate funnel scripts for webinars, surveys, sales pages, podcasts, and more
  • Multiple types of funnel scripts to enhance your special offer, including testimonial scripts (yep, that’s a thing), email subject lines, content creation (like blog posts), and bullet scripts
  • Funnel scripts for the big kahunas like email sequences, video sales, social media ad copy, order bump scripts, lead capture scripts

And, yes, you get access to all this, plus bonuses, and monthly LIVE coaching with copy-chief and brainiac Jim Edwards for the one time Funnel Scripts price.

I’ll tell you later in this Funnel Scripts review what that is, but let me just say that it’s going to blow your mind.

Your decision as to whether you can use Russel Brunson’s Funnelscripts to your advantage needs to come from a place of absolute surety.

So let’s dive right in! 

#1: Downloadable Wizards

I’m going to start with one of my favorite Funnel Scripts features. Any downloadable wizard, easy though it is, actually makes my copywriting skills sharper.

Right now, there are six downloadable script wizards you can access, which Russell Brunson and Jim Edward feel are crucial to your funnel success:

  • The Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • The Easy Survey Wizard
  • The Easy Video Sales Letter Wizard
  • The Star Story Solution Wizard
  • The Master Class Webinar Wizard
  • The Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard

I especially enjoy the Webinar Wizard because it totally automates my webinar scripts.

Webinars are still one of the most effective ways to sell live to a target audience and gain instant sales using a “webinar only” special offer.

And I see a ton of easy survey scripts also used by small business owners because they feel very similar to another popular lead capture, the quiz.

So why are these funnelscripts and funnel copy generators called “downloadable wizards?”

Well, you can generate all other types of letter scripts online, within the Funnel Scripts dashboard and platform.

But, to help make the wizard easy to run, Russell Brunson and team decided to create “offline” programs capable of running and crunching words for these content categories.

For example: The wizard “Easy Survey” or Star Story Solution wizard requires you to download the application and run it on your computer. These sales letters and letter scripts are even more robust so it’s well worth the processing investment.

#2: Sales Copy & Video Scripts

The video sales scripts and sales copy scripts are broken down into several smaller categories. The fact is that there are multiple moving parts that make up sales pages.

Funnel Scripts helps you generate scripts for a range of engaging copy types:

  • Amazon/E-commerce scripts — Scripts created specifically for Amazon or e-commerce sellers. You can even use the copy for product descriptions.
  • Call to Action scripts — Scripts that customize CTAs for your sales page buttons.
  • Lead capture scripts — How do you convince people to drop their emails in exchange for a lead magnet? This is what you need if lead capture copy makes you scratch your head.
  • Magic bullet scripts — Scripts used for physical products.
  • Million dollar testimonial scripts — Scripts used to compel your customers to leave a testimonial.
  • Order bump scripts — Order bumps are upsells, and if you plan to convince your customers to spend more, you need some smooth and strategic convincing. 

#3: Sales Letters

If you’ve ever landed on a special offer that sounds like a letter, you’ve just hit a sales letter. This classic sales page tactic is simple, timeless, and effective.

It has a very consistent and reliable structure and, even in the new age of landing pages and funnels, sales letters work.

Within Funnel Scripts, you’ll have access to:

  • Long-form sales scripts funnel
  • Short sales scripts funnel
  • PPT Video sales letter scripts

#4: Titles and Headlines

I personally enjoy the titles and headlines part of Funnel Scripts because you can apply the copy to blog posts, Facebook ads, email sequences, and more.

Using this form, you can create:

  • Email subject lines
  • Headlines for sales pages or even a sales letter
  • Short headline scripts
  • Title scripts

#5: Email Scripts

I find the email scripts funnel writer incredibly useful, again, because I can go beyond just funnel scripts. I can use it for email sequences in other online businesses.

With this Funnel Scripts tool, you can create:

  • High-converting follow-up emails
  • Promotional emails for return business
  • Teaser scripts
  • Webinar follow-up scripts

#6: Classic Ad Copy

Advertising — and the subsequent ad copy you’ll create — is the engine behind every single profitable business you can think of.

The ad copy formulas in Funnel Scripts will help you sharpen your selling skills all around. These include:

  • Curiosity Ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close Scripts
  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts

#7: Bullet Scripts

You may not think of bullet points as a tool that could persuade your prospects — but once you see them in action, you’ll be a believer.

These funnel scripts are a part of a broader ad, usually on Facebook or Instagram.

You can even use the generated funnel scripts along with video sales pages to give your prospect the “TL;DR” version of your special offer.

Scripts include:

  • Russell Brunson Bullet Scripts
  • Feature, Benefits, Meaning Bullet Scripts
funnel scripts example

Bullet scripts help you maximize your ad copy real estate — truly making every word count.

#8: Content Creation

If you’re planning to use a majority of paid traffic for your funnel, then content creation scripts seem like one of those extraneous features you’ll never access.

But I’d encourage you to run through these funnel scripts and formulas at least once.

The “Free Reports” script and the “Seinfeld Email Topic Idea” scripts are particularly useful for your ongoing training.

You can use the training videos here to guide your content creation in other areas of your business. They’re pretty evergreen but easily customizable. 

Funnel Scripts Bonuses

The features of Funnel Scripts are clearly designed to help you write marketing copies and advertising scripts.

But if it were just a funnel script generator, you could easily swap it with some other tools. To really support the marketing needs of your business, Funnel Scripts also comes with a load of related training material and bonuses. 

  • Bonus One: DotCom Secrets Scripts
  • Bonus Two: Expert Secrets Scripts
  • Bonus Three: One Funnel Away Scripts
  • Bonus Four: Funnel Scripts Blueprints
  • Bonus Five: Live Monthly Coaching Call with Jim Edwards
  • Bonus Six: Copywriting Secrets Masterclass

Together, these bonuses help you understand the entire marketing ecosystem around building successful funnels.

Funnel blueprints, for example, features interactive PDFs that map out the workflow for successful varieties of funnels. It offers suggestions for the best funnel scripts at each point in a funnel.

product sales funnel

You can see why this is so powerful, right?

Funnel Scripts, the software, gives you the words. And the Funnel blueprints tell you exactly which of the funnel scripts to use.

It’s literally win-win.

Another crazy addition to the Bonus section is the ongoing, monthly training calls with Jim Edwards.

Coaching with copywriters is expensive enough, but with a Copy Master like Jim Edwards?!
It would cost you upwards of $10,000 a year — and that would be a steal of a price.

Instead, your buy-in to Funnel Scripts is like a vote of confidence in the perpetual promise of copywriting.

You’re recognizing just how key these trainings are to your business success and how the Funnel Scripts software is really only the beginning of your persuasion journey.

So, do you see now why this product makes your entire script and copywriting process a no brainer? 

Is Funnel Scripts Worth It?

After reading this Funnel Scripts review, you may be asking yourself what your investment in a software this robust is going to be.

You might even be bracing yourself for some sticker shock.

And let me be honest:

The Funnel Scripts price was nothing to write home about. Initially.

See, when it first rolled out, Funnel Scripts was still an innovative piece of software. But the subscription pricing adequately covered everything you were getting.

Nothing more, nothing less.

However, Russell Brunson’s imperative to over deliver on value continues.

The new-and-improved Funnel Scripts pricing features a one time payment of $797 for unlimited access.

This almost makes it a special offer, rather than a “fair deal.”

If you decide it’s not for you, Russell Brunson protects your Funnel Scripts purchase with a standard 30 day money back guarantee. You’ll be able to dive into the training, test out the product, and still return it for your money back guarantee after 30 days.

As for its worth, people fixate on the Bonuses as proof that this product includes value-added offers. However, for me the insane value is in the monthly training with Jim Edward.

The one time price of $797 gives you access to ongoing copy coaching. Regardless of whether you use ClickFunnels to create your special offer, or some other kind of sales funnel builder, Funnel Scripts will arm you with a way to upgrade your training and skills.

And you can tap into a community of funnel builders who know the ins and outs of using this concept to sell any product or service with a few clicks. 

Final Thoughts: Funnel Scripts Works...
But Only You Have the Power of Persuasion

One thing you need to know about this Funnel Scripts review is that the software, Funnel Scripts, will not help you recognize better or proven sales copy.

You can only master the power of persuasion with practice — and that’s where resources like the downloadable wizards and templates for copy like a video sales letter will set you up with the right words.

But you’ll still need to flex your human mind to decide if the words generated by Funnel Scripts make sense for your audience and the sales stage they’re in. Basically, Funnel Scripts makes sure you’re not starting from scratch.

Funnel Scripts builds on the premise that it’s much better to operate from reliable formulas and tweak or edit than to have to go through the entire process of research, writing, and testing funnel scripts for conversion.

So you tell me — does that sound worthy of your time and investment?

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.