ClickFunnels Discount Coupon

As good as you are at finding discounts to help you stay lean, I need to tell you right away:

ClickFunnels doesn’t offer coupon codes for its software.

The problem with using a coupon code is that it's good for a one-time purchase — but ClickFunnels operates on a subscription model.

So we’re 0 for two there.

But ask yourself this:

Do you really need coupons when there are plenty of deals out there?

Read on and I’ll show you how to get ClickFunnels cheaper — without the need for a ClickFunnel coupon code. A deal, after all, feels a lot better: You get way more upfront, thrown in, than just a discount. 

How to Get ClickFunnels Cheaper

Don’t waste your time searching for a ClickFunnels coupon because there’s a much better way to land a deal with the software.

But before you make use of these deals, you should know that there’s a significant commitment — not of the resource you’re thinking about.

Actually, time is the greatest investment you’ll be making with these ClickFunnels deals.

That’s why ClickFunnels coupons wouldn’t be of much use. As a sales funnels software, ClickFunnels really only proves its value when you see it in action.

Here’s how to use ClickFunnels in the way it’s been intended:

In order to support your mastery of using a funnel builder to make money online.

funnel flow

And that’s what it comes down to: value.

A 14 day free trial of marketing funnels software is far more valuable than a discount because you’re getting full use of all the features.

So are the collection of training programs that help you actually see the value of ClickFunnels.

Better than a ClickFunnels promo, these are the programs that will allow you to harness the tool, learn the traffic generation methods around it, guide you on high-converting funnel copy — and so much more. 

ClickFunnels Promo 1: Funnel Builder Secrets

Let’s start with the big kahuna of ClickFunnels discount codes right away, shall we?

Funnel Builder Secrets is the perfect way to dive right in. But you need to know that you’re truly ready to immerse yourself for the next 6 or 12 months. For a breakdown of the full program, check out my full Funnel Builder Secrets review.

clickfunnels coupon

Here are the bells and whistles of this Click Funnels promo Funnel Builder Secrets:

  • A subscription to the Platinum (Etison Suite) tier of the funnel builder ClickFunnels
  • 12 month access to Funnel Scripts, the automated copywriting software for
  • ClickFunnels
  • Access to Traffic Secrets membership program
  • Access to the original Funnel Hacks Masterclass training
  • The original Funnel Builder Secrets training
clickfunnels bundle

Price: $1,997 for the 6-month subscription and $2,997 for the 12-month Platinum account of ClickFunnels

TL;DR: It’s not the cheapest of the ClickFunnels coupon codes out there, but the value you get is insane. Just the value of the Platinum tier of ClickFunnels comes to $297 x 6 months, which would be $1,782.

ClickFunnels gives you a discount on an annual subscription to its Platinum plan. So instead of paying $3,564, you’ll pay $2,997.

And that just happens to be the price of the second tier of the Funnel Builder Secrets program. 

ClickFunnels Discount 2: Secrets Masterclass

Next, we move a step down to the Secrets Masterclass. The program is quite similar to the Funnel Builder Secrets training but it includes fewer “bonuses.”

clickfunnels 997

This program comes with:

  • A 6-month subscription to ClickFunnels
  • Access to ClickFunnels’ One Funnel Away 30-Day Challenge
  • Virtual Daily Funnel Hack-a-Thon
  • Access to 10x Secrets Mastery program
  • ClickFunnels Traffic Secrets/Ad Skills training

Price: $997

TL;DR: The Secrets Masterclass bundle is a very accessible and affordable ClickFunnels promo that you can take advantage of.

ClickFunnels Discount 3: One Funnel Away

The One Funnel Away Challenge costs only $100 to participate — but you’ll still need to access the full suite of ClickFunnels.

Now, you might be doing the math and thinking, “That means I’ve got to sink in at least $200 on this ClickFunnels promo — $100 for the program and $97 for the Standard tier of ClickFunnels.”

ofa 3126

Pay attention, though, because I’m going to show you how to nix that cost:

  • Sign up for a ClickFunnels 14 day free trial (the ClickFunnels $19 plan has changed)
  • Before the trial expires, contact the ClickFunnels team to ask for an extension
  • The team will extend your trial for an extra 30 days if you take part in the OFA Challenge (which you were going to do anyway, right?)
  • Suddenly, your 45 day trial is looking way better than a promo code, right?

Price: $100

TL;DR: Read more about the true value of OFA in my detailed One Funnel Away Challenge review.

Final Thoughts:
ClickFunnels Promo Codes Will Only Take you So Far

ClickFunnels doesn’t want to grant you access and then leave you fumbling. You can watch tons of YouTube tutorials, but unless you’re actually applying the software to a tangible goal, you can’t really figure out if it's right for you.

In many ways, these promo offers are way more beneficial. At the end of any of these programs, you’ll know for certain whether ClickFunnels works for your business goals or not. 


How Can I get ClickFunnels For Free?

Rather than a ClickFunnels discount, you can opt for a ClickFunnels free trial. Just sign up at

How Much is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels has three different tiers of pricing. Once you’re done with the free trial, subscribe to the Standard Plan, ($97/month), Platinum Plan ($297/month), or Collective Plan ($1,497).

clickfunnels pricing

How to Create a Discount or Promo Code in ClickFunnels?

If you’re looking for a ClickFunnels promo code, there are multiple deals you can choose from.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.