Can You Still Get the Funnel Hacker Black Box?

As Russell Brunson grows ClickFunnels — and the funnel building community — even further, some of the well-known “bonuses” you’re used to getting are bound to disappear.

The Funnel Hacks program, for example, was shelved, repackaged, and bundled into the new-and-improved Funnel Builder Secrets course instead.

Traffic Secrets, the brand new book in the Secrets Trilogy, used to be a full-fledged online course that Russell Brunson purchased from the original creator — and then he 10xed the content within the book.


Summary: The Funnel Hacker Black Box is an exclusive bundle that contains DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and other booklets to help you build better funnels. It is only available as an upsell to Network Marketing Secrets.

Funnel Hacker Black Box is undergoing a similar change. Many people think they can’t get this bonus anymore because the book funnels for Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets and DotCom Secrets have changed.

But if you read on through this review, I’ll show you exactly what the Black Box bundle includes and where you can find it today. 

What is the Funnel Hacker Black Box?

The ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker Black Box bundle features a laundry list of awesome items. It’s an exclusive deal that you used to be able to get when you bought books like the Expert Secrets book or the Dot Com Secrets book.

items in the funnel hacker black box

Before we get into what the Funnel Hacker Blackbox actually includes, you might be wondering if it’s right for you.

One of the major components of the bundle are mini “booklets,” which you can use like a workshop or a training class alongside the original books. The DotCom Secrets booklet, for example, is a fantastic resource to use as you’re reading the book.

And that’s really what the FunnelHacker Black Box bundle helps you do: dig deep into all the material you’re going to learn from each book.

However, it also has plenty of other funnel-related goodies. 

What Does the Funnel Hacker Black Box Include?

The Funnel Hacker Black Box bundle is a treasure trove of resources that will help you become an expert if you want to build funnels for your business. Let’s unpack everything you get in just one bonus bundle.

Quick Start Guide

Like a “Start Here” page on a website, the Quick Start Guide will show you the best resources in the Funnel Hacker Black Box to consult first if you’re rearing to go.

The Booklets

I personally love the Secrets booklet series because it’s proven to be a very effective companion when I’m following along with the books.

Of course, there’s now a new, even more in-depth resource you can use as a “workbook,” and that’s the Unlock the Secrets book. To learn more about this incredible, 614-page whopper, check out my complete Unlock The Secrets book review.

  • DotCom Secrets Booklet — The DotCom Secrets booklet helps you follow along and make notes as you progress through the original book. You have space to create your own funnel sketches and exercises.
  • Fill Your Funnels Booklet of Secrets — The Fill Your Funnels Booklet of Secrets is a special guide to using sales funnel as a primary way of internet marketing.
  • ClickFunnels Secrets Booklet — ClickFunnels Secrets booklet is your guide to harness the power of ClickFunnels to generate money online. In it, Russell Brunson reveals all the steps he took to reach success using ClickFunnels, which makes it perfect for beginners.
  • Actionetics Secrets Booklet — No ClickFunnels funnel hacker can call themselves a pro without understanding how to harness email marketing. What used to be “Actionetics” is today known as Follow-Up Funnels in ClickFunnels. The Actionetics Secrets booklet shows you how to strategically use communication to generate sales with repeat customers.

One Funnel Consulting ticket

Trade in this ticket when you’re facing problems with your funnel and you need a ClickFunnels consultant to help you.

Physical copies of DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets books

If you don’t care about grabbing the new Unlock the Secrets trilogy, this is the lowest price you’ll get the books at!

One Funnel Scripts ticket

Funnel Scripts ticket gives you access to the copywriting software.

One free ticket to Russell Brunson webinar

This is the story — packed into an action-filled webinar — about how Russell Brunson made $17,047 in a single day using ClickFunnels.

Funnel Hacker Manifesto

Before you head for a ClickFunnels event like Funnelhacker Live, you’ve got to know this manifesto by heart (kidding — sorta).

Access to Russell Brunson Secrets Sketches

For 26 days, Russell created his “Russell Brunson Secret sketches” and posted them for you to copy. You can still use many of these templates today!

Novelty items

I love a good loyalty sticker, don’t you? You’ll get an “I am a funnel hacker” sticker and an “I build funnels” sticker.

How Can I Get the Funnel Hacker Black Box?

Any ClickFunnels funnel hacker is going to want to get their hands on the Funnel Black Box bundle.

You may not see it as part of DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets anymore.

Today, you can only get this Funnel Black Box package as an upsell for the Network Marketing Secrets book. It shows you how to use ClickFunnels secrets for your network marketing gig.

Now, pay attention, because this deal is sort of insane.

the black box upsell

You’re going to get everything, like the ClickFunnels Secrets booklet, plus a physical copy of the first two books along with Network Marketing Secrets.

How Much Does the Funnel Hacker Black Box Cost?

The price for everything in the Funnel Black Box bundle is only $37, plus an extra $9.95 in shipping.

Final Thoughts: Grab Deals Before They Expire

At one point, this bundle was available everywhere! Now, it’s reserved for buyers of Network Marketing Secrets.

You never know when Russell and team are going to shake things up and take it down.

So, my advice to you? Jump on this bundle in the one place you can find it — before it’s gone for good.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.