Russell Brunson’s Unlock the Secrets Book: Read Before You Buy!

If you’ve seen the Secrets Trilogy box set from ClickFunnels recently, you’re probably wondering what the heck that fourth “secrets” book is all about.

I’m with you. There are zero copies around the internet — and we had zero heads-up that Russell Brunson was going to drop this fourth monster of a book (it’s 614 pages!) on us.

I mean, has anyone even finished the book at this point? I’m guessing not.

But I think that’s okay because the Unlock the Secrets book is a workbook. Can you really “finish” a workbook if you haven’t implemented the strategies?


Summary: Russell Brunson's Unlock the Secrets Workbook is 614 pages of pure commitment from you to implement the A to Zs of sales funnels taught in the DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic secrets books.

On the other hand, if you want to “unlock” the contents of the book before you “unlock the secrets,” stay tuned. 

What is the “Unlock the Secrets” Book?

Right away, this book should strike you as very different.

The three books in the Russell Brunson Secrets Trilogy Box Set — DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets — are about specific ways for a marketer to master sales funnels:

  1. Building a business online using internet marketing
  2. Creating and growing your personal brand by monetizing your expertise
  3. Finding, routing, and owning traffic to your offers using proven, cost-effective techniques 

But the fourth Unlock the Secrets book invites you to do more than just learn, know, or read. It’s a verb — it’s asking you to take action. Specifically, it wants you to “unlock” the secrets for yourself.

And that should give you a hint about the goldmine sitting inside these pages.

It makes sense when you know about the backstory.

As featured on the Marketing Secrets podcast, Unlock the Secrets was the name of Russell’s new flagship event in 2019. It started as an offshoot of the Two Comma Club, because Russell wanted a way to reach everyone — not just users of ClickFunnels — about the power of sales funnels. In fact, even children were welcomed!

Inspired by events from the likes of Tony Robbins and Brendan Burchard, Russell Brunson intended that Unlock the Secrets would give attendees a deep level of knowledge, strategy, and detail when it came to learning and implementing funnels — right on the spot, if they wanted.

In his own words, Russell says:

russell transcript unlock the secrets book

The whole idea was to make it a signature event for ClickFunnels, occurring annually, where Russell Brunson and his team of mentors would have the chance to “go four or five levels deep.”

Nothing empowers people like an in-person experience, where they actually get to work through a problem or question.

So “Unlock the Secrets” was the obvious choice for a hands-on, work-intensive, events-inspired workbook.

Basically, the Unlock the Secrets book is a detailed, hands-on demonstration of every single aspect of what you’re learning in the first three books.

With workable exercises and space for doing research, collecting data, and planning, each section demands that you work through implementing:

  • Building sales funnels
  • Webinar scripts
  • Attractive characters
  • Epiphany bridges
  • Stealth “closes”
  • Growth hacking for funnels
  • Finding your dream customers (and converting them for less)

...And so much more.

What Does the Unlock the Secrets Workbook Include?

The Russell Brunson Unlock the Secrets Workbook is 614 pages of pure commitment from you to implement the A to Zs of sales funnels.

Get out your pen, shut your notifications off, and isolate yourself from human contact because this Secrets book is going to take you deep.

Here’s what it includes inside:

The book starts off with an Introduction. You’ll work on all DotCom Secrets foundational concepts.

It takes you through each step of DotCom Secrets and spins it as a “challenge.” This is your opportunity to test your understanding of key aspects of how to build a sales funnel, including:

  • The Value Ladder
  • How to find your dream customers
  • How to work with and set up “follow-up funnels”
  • The Attractive Character
  • The SOAP Opera Sequence


Note: You don’t need to be a ClickFunnels user for this particular Secrets book, but it definitely helps because you can instantly test out the concepts within ClickFunnels.

The book then walks readers through all the aspects of Expert Secrets, starting with the “Create Your Movement” section, onward to the “Creating Belief,” “10x Secrets,” and how to become your dream customers’ guide.

Sections in the Expert Secrets book include:

  • Teaching frameworks,
  • The perfect webinar shortcut,
  • The 5-minute perfect webinar script,
  • How to plug these expert secrets into your value ladder, 

...and more.

And, finally, the Traffic Secrets book section of the Unlock the Secrets book includes all three sections of the original book.

So what are the secrets hidden inside the Unlock the Secrets book?

Well, if you’ve ever done the One Funnel Away Challenge, you’ll be familiar with the 30-day format. When you participate in the OFA Challenge, your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to complete one lesson each day for 30 days.

The lessons build on each other and grow increasingly sophisticated as you progress through each module.

OFA is specifically geared to helping people master ClickFunnels, the sales funnel software company started by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson.

The Unlock the Secrets book is very similar in format and structure.

Each of the books in the Secrets Trilogy is its own 30-day challenge. That means you’ll spend 30 days working on DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets. These are the specific pieces of the puzzle to sales funnel success. 

How Much Does Unlock the Secrets Cost?

The cost of the Unlock the Secrets book will depend on where you buy the box set.

If you choose to buy your copy of the books as an upsell when you buy the Traffic Secrets book, you’ll only have to spend $97 for access to the products.

However, you can also buy Unlock the Secrets as part of the box set on its own sales page. The Secrets trilogy, as a standalone purchase, includes Unlock the Secrets and costs $127. 

order form

To get the Unlock the Secrets book:

  • Head to the main website
  • Enter your address
  • Choose the package you want
  • And hit Buy!

If you choose this route, you get free shipping in the United States. You’ll also be presented with the opportunity to grab the audiobook versions of the entire Secrets book box set. This will cost you an additional $74.

However, you’re only paying for two of them. Russell Brunson throws in the third book, which is the Traffic Secrets audiobook, for free. Keep in mind that the Unlock the Secrets book does not have an audiobook associated with it. 

How Can I Get the Unlock the Secrets Book?

Right now, you can’t get the Unlock the Secrets book as a single option. You have to buy it together with the other books, such as the Traffic Secrets book.

However, Unlock the Secrets is basically a “free” book, because you’re only paying for the other books in the box set.

See, people don’t have to be ClickFunnels users to benefit from the books. But you do have to know the other books inside and out if you’re going to use the Unlock the Secrets book to its fullest potential.

Final Thoughts: How to Make the Unlock the Secrets Workbook Work For You

What will you do when you finally have that “Attractive Character” nailed down?

Or when you know, down to a fine science, the pain points and desires of your ideal customer?

Or when you can attract 100,000 visitors to your webinars?

Through the Unlock the Secrets book, Russell Brunson gives you a step-by-step, detailed, action-oriented opportunity to do all this and more.

When you master the ideas Russell teaches you in this book, anything becomes possible in your business.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.