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Network Marketing Secrets Review: Can You Really Use This to Grow Your Business?

Through the years, MLMs have gotten a bad rap.

But if 20% of all small businesses in the United States fail, why do network marketers get all the grief?

This year, an increasing number of companies that rely on the MLM model for revenue are popping up.

The longevity of companies like Mary Kay, which has been operational since 1963, and Tupperware, in existence since 1948, prove that this is a phenomenally profitable business model.


Summary: This book is a life saver for struggling network marketers who want to succeed in their MLM business. Russell Brunson provides solutions to every common problem in Network Marketing.

You might better know network marketing by the term “multi-level marketing,” or MLM. People are quick to write network marketing companies off as a pyramid “scheme” — but if it’s so non-legitimate, why is the sector growing?

Network marketing, like any kind of marketing requires resilience and persistence.

And the simple fact is that almost everyone quits as soon as they begin. Some estimates say only 1.3% of network marketers are ever “successful.”

While the profits from network marketing lure many people, very few are willing to put in the work to run recruiting sessions, sell products directly to people, and interact, persuade, and connect with customers.

In short, you need old school, gumshoe marketing techniques like the days of door-to-door salespeople.


Not necessarily.

Here’s the thing: Not only is it possible to succeed in network marketing, the “secrets” to network marketing success are perfectly designed for the days of digital marketing.

And the Network Marketing Secrets book shows you exactly how to design a system that pulls leads in and converts customers.

What is Network Marketing?

In the network marketing industry, it’s the network of distributors that helps you grow your business. There are three ways to make money in a network marketing company: you can generate leads for the products, you can recruit others to become a part of the network, and you can manage and build these recruits into a team.

This is a good visualization for how a network marketing team works: 

network marketing secrets review tiers

If you recruit two people for a business opportunity, such as your family members, these individuals would then also use this network marketing opportunity to recruit two more people. The network and team multiply quickly with each new individual that comes into the fold.

What are the Types of Network Marketing?

The number of truly iconic people who have endorsed MLM marketers and their marketing network business are a testament to just how much money you can make as a network marketer.

famous figures

There are various types of successful network businesses — and you may be surprised to learn that a lot of internet marketing is already based on network marketing strategies.

  • Single-tier — Sign up for a company’s affiliate program and use affiliate links to make money. There’s no recruiting involved.
  • Two-tier — You do need to recruit people but your pay also comes from direct sales plus any direct sales that your recruits make and referral payments from their recruits.
  • Multi-Level — In the MLM business, there are more than two tiers, and you make money on every tier of recruits that your recruits recruit (is your head spinning with the possibilities yet?)

What is the Fastest Way to Succeed in Network Marketing?

At the heart of the Network Marketing Secrets book is an overarching “Hidden Funnel” strategy.

Laugh at the cheesy name, but pay close attention to this strategy.

As you may have guessed, it involves sales funnels. You’ll see in a minute how this works, but let me tell you why this is so powerful.

See, people are usually indifferent to an MLM business because:

  • They don’t know what the value of this business model is
  • They feel that the MLM industry is “scammy”
  • Recruitment pitches can feel like pressure cookers
  • They themselves would like to join, but they don’t feel confident at being able to recruit others

The Network Marketing Secrets book shows you how to address the very specific problems network marketers face.

Take a Look Inside the
Network Marketing Secrets Book

In the network marketing business, recruitment has got to be the biggest perceived obstacle to success. People don’t want to feel “salesy” and they don’t want to be the person who’s perceived as pushy for a hard sell.

Most people get trapped in one of the four “phases” of networking marketing recruitment. Only the Network Marketing Secrets book recommends you skip the phases and get right through to the good stuff.

The secret to network marketing is that, if you don’t make the ask, you can’t recruit a team. Simple.

However, you can nurture a “yes!” with sales funnels. The Network Marketing Secrets book breaks these strategies — and more — down.

Section 1: The Three “Lost” Funnels

The best part about the three “lost” funnels featured in the Network Marketing Secrets book is that they’re not complicated and they’re not mysterious. These are not “expert secrets” — the strategies are used offline already.

In fact, before he wrote the book, Russell Brunson attended a live recruiting session for a network marketing business opportunity. Then he went home and modeled the recruitment for the event through sales funnels.

The Network Marketing Secrets book gives you detailed instructions to:

  • The Bridge Funnel (aka The Three-Way Call)
  • The House Party Selling Funnel
  • The Hotel Meeting Funnel

Next up in the book, Russell Brunson shows you the one thing you must master if you hope to make any of these funnels part of your core strategy.

Section 2: The Viral Loop

To use sales funnels featured in this book, you need to master a selling sequence known as the “Viral Loop.” If you’ve ever read the Expert Secrets book, another killer marketing tome from Etison LLC, you’ll recognize the very first part.

Selling in an online business using sales funnels calls for:

  • The Epiphany Bridge
  • The Demo
  • A Call to Action
  • Duplication

Hint: If you’ve been through the “perfect webinar” funnel in the book, Expert Secrets, you’ll recognize this sales structure!

Section 3: Digging into the Mechanics of the Three Lost Funnels

I personally love this section of the Network Marketing Secrets book. As the name suggests, you get deep into the set-up and building of these funnels. The bridge funnel, for example, has a specific template.

Bridge Funnel Flow

Russell Brunson does you one better: He gives you tag-lines and scripts that help draw your prospect in.

How to Get Network Marketing Secrets

By the end of this book, the secrets of network marketing will be secrets no more. So how do you get the Network Marketing Secrets book?

It’s pretty simple. Like the Expert Secrets book, you can get the book for free if you pay the shipping cost. This isn't only one way, though. You can also grab the Network Marketing Secrets book from Amazon.

However, if you buy the book from anywhere other than the website, you won’t be able to get the “upsells” that come standard with all Russel Brunson offers. With this book, you get access to:

  • The Funnel Hacker Black Box
  • The Traffic Secrets Course
  • The One Funnel Away Challenge
  • All of Russell’s “bundle” of “Secrets” books

Final Thoughts: Is this the Right Way to Make Money?

In the network marketing world, it’s consistency that trumps all else. The great thing about any “Secrets” book you read from Russell Brunson is that it’s all been tested by the man himself — not to mention others just like you.

So why couldn’t you “hack” their success and experience it for yourself?

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.